Friday, January 31, 2014

Savage Worlds SciFi Companion

So I really wanted to be excited about this...and I find that I was a little disappointed.  Most of what I thought was important I already have from Wiggy and the Daring Tales of the Space Lanes.  There seems to be A LOT of typos and errata due out for this so I am going to wait and hope Pinnacle updates their PDF's to represent those changes.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We did some good old pulp horror/mystery last night, I had three of my five players so Star Wars was put on hold.  We had two former mob hitmen and a Scottish thrill seeker/driver/pilot, they had been thrown together in the past and had tracked down a few horror baddies and put them down.  They worked with a mystery group called Chapter XIII which fed them information at times and now they found themselves in Boston MA.

Now I dug up one of the pre-written pulp adventures and off we went...we had a blast and I would say we were about half way through the adventure last night.

This led to a discussion about Savage Worlds and in February we might tackle Star Wars with Savage Worlds....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rocket Age

Ok so was thinking about Doctor Who and the "Vortex" system they use and remembered a book I had picked up in November called....Rocket Age!

Now this is Sci fi in the Retro Age, we are talking about 1938 here with the divergent history taking place starting in 1931 with Einstein, Tesla and Armstrong going to Mars.  Goddard should have gone but became ill before the launch...

Now their arrival on Mars and finding Martians there changes everything because there is tech there that is slightly better than what we have BUT with those two great minds there they figure things out pretty darn fast.

The Vortex system is the same system used in Doctor Who and in Primeval so if you are familiar with those then you are good to go for RA.  There are some new traits obviously but that's ok the ones that were added are actually kind of cool.

I am looking forward taking it out for a test ride here real soon!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crash and Burn...

Last night due to the weather here in Chiberia we had to cancel our gaming session of Star Wars and instead watched Blink from Doctor Who.

Hopefully in February we will be able to get back to our heroes who are running from Teemo the Hutt!

On that note the discussion did turn to doing something with Doctor Who from Cubicle 7....might be fun!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tomorrow the Friday group continues with Edge of the Empire....I am excited by this because of how well this was received last we played.

We have a Smuggler, Doctor, Technician, Bounty Hunter, Archaeologist and Bodyguard...some are connected to each other, all are on the run from Teemo the Hutt!

I will post more after the session....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Star Frontiers

I had the pleasure of having (7) young people at my table today and we rocked back to the eighties by playing some good ole' Star Frontiers...

Now I don't mind the boxed campaign setting BUT come on this is Sci-Fi and supposed to be a little more modern so I used my own setting which is a cross between Aliens and the Honor Harrington novels!  We had a mentalist and then some pilots/soldiers and agents.

The kids loved it!  I started them out with a briefing for one mission and then switched their mission while they were in cryosleep!!   Synthetics that had gone bad at a secret medical lab...what a blast.  In two weeks we continue and they all want to continue playing.

We will finish up this op and then I have to go and rob some more from my old Top Secret days looks like!  I have a few ideas and they also asked for me to draw my star map...oh boy off to find my notes!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Another year in the books and I see the passage of time in my kids and I can feel it in my knees! ;)

Well onto gaming...right now Star Wars is on top of our list of games and we are also looking at Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea as well.  I am excited about both of those games for a variety of reasons.

Star Wars because's Star Wars and the system does play well.  Lots of input from the players and the GM really working on telling a story and the players finding ways to contribute as well.  I liked this concept from the Marvel Supers game from MWP but alas that is gone now.

ASSH on the other hand is a guilty pleasure from when I was in high school and we were playing RPG's.  You don't have to have huge Adventure Paths or campaigns but something simple that flows....I like episodic roleplaying now that I am older and I think I can pull this one off nicely.

Ghosts of Albion has been nipping at my mind of late as well and I think I finally got Tim to buy into running something for the five kids and me!  Good about time he showed off his game!

Alright my hands and eyes are tired so....Happy New Year to anyone reading this! :)