Friday, March 23, 2012

I am almost done packing but my mind still wanders to the Crypts and Things game that I just got and I am getting more tickled by it as I construct images and thoughts in my mind.  I have always thought that the first movie in 1982 was well done.  I can see the PC's interacting in that kind of environment...I guess I might have to pick up my Conan Omnibus and begin reading it again!

I also have to admit that I have a deep joy of the Scorpion King and now you add that to my Conan thoughts and WOW do I have some great ideas for the looting of long lost and haunted ruins in a desert/jungle setting. ;)

Alright back to packing so I can have lunch!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Road Trip...

In the next few days I will be taking a road trip for some much needed time off and I will continue to post as much as I can.  I thought this pic was a wonderful representation of that.  While on my downtime I will be thinking about my games and taking notes and getting ready to run upon my return!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ode to Krom and Tal...

Back in the early eighties I had two really great friends who I gamed with for many years, we played different systems but one that stuck for a long time was a mish mash of the old Stormbringer and Runequest rules.  Krom and Tal were adventurers who were hired to steal something from an "evil" temple and return it...sounds simple enough.  That simple hook kept us gaming off and on for almost five years through some of my college years when I would come home.

Today I saw something about a old school game called Crypts and Things from D101 games.  I was instantly taken back to those days, I am reading the rules right now and they are of the Swords and Wizardry family.

I am going to find some good grog tonight and raise a glass to those two characters thanking them for all the good times.

I will try and give a better review when I can...

((I am still in touch with the player who played Krom and I know where Tal's player is but he doesn't really stay in touch with anyone from our group, his decision not mine.))

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lost Caravan (B4 Continued)

The party consisting of Kaley (Shaman), Brandy Greyshadow (Thief), Nera (Bladedancer), Rhilla (Elf Ranger) and Myrrin (Fighter/Mercenary) were coming to the rescue of Nera who had slipped off by herself at the end of the last session.  Nera had run afoul of a neanderthal man who was looking for a "mate", he had knocked her into negatives last week.  Rolling on my new death and dismemberment table we found that she was out only for a few rounds from a nasty bump on her head!

The battle now started as the man tried to escape with his prize Rhialla engaged with her bow and missed, Myrrin rushed forward and struck a blow, Kaley threw her spear and missed badly...using my rule that if you miss by 4 or more...yep she hit Nera driving her into negatives AGAIN...we rolled and she was going to lose the use of a limb and I said she needed to make a death save, she rolled a natural 20!  I ruled that with the natural 20 she now would not lose the use of the limb but would have one really nasty nasty scar.  Brandy had stayed back (1 hit point) and made sure the door to the shifty room would not close.

Now the next round came and went and the man decided it was time to cut his losses, throwing the unconscious Nera at Myrrin he tried to flee, Myrrin though was not phased and she cut him down as he tried to withdraw.  They quickly tended to Nera and started to return to the Warrior-Maidens, only to find a secret door they could not resist reveal some beetles, they closed the door.  Resting now at their "home" they heard that there were two women going scouting out in the ruins tomorrow.  (Now I decided that the ziggurat was part of a larger set of ruins, that of the city that was lost itself.)  Going out hunting, the shaman found two "healing herbs" in the shadows of the ruins, they quickly applied these to Nera.  Brandy had rested enough and was able to recover some of her hitpoints.  While in the ruins they saw men on horseback combing through the ruins.  (What the party didn't realize was that these were men looking for the lost caravan that they were part of.)  They returned to their room with the women.

Finally two days later they ventured back out to where the neanderthal man had died to find his partially eaten corpse and a set of stairs going up!  They went up and found a secret door with stirges, they were able to shut the door before any of the stirges escaped.  Moving on they found the room they almost died in at the beginning and then they found a room with a lizard, they engaged only to be surprised by the second.  The combat was drawn out and long with lots of misses but finally the lizards were down and so was Nera again... ;)  We called an end to the session there (90 minutes).

Some good stuff happened and the girl's had a blast with the session as well...we have our quote of the session.  "Choppy choppy...pointy pointy!"  It was a fun session for me as well!!

B4 Continues Today...

Today the high school kids continue with B4 and this has the potential of being a TPK...

We left off with one of the pc's being dragged off down a hall by some kind of neanderthal man and the rest of the party is ready to give pursuit.  This is going to lead them deeper into the dungeon and they are very limited in their healing.  I'm hoping that their dice get hot because of what is in store for them and they are not playing well together...though they are enjoying the rules they have not hit their party stride yet.

I will update later...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Port town of....

I am looking to put together a port town for my DnD/ACKs game.  I know that I am going to be using Zenopus Tower from the Holmes book but I want to add some more detail.  I haven't decided on a name yet if anyone has suggestions I would love to here them.

If you think that Portown is a good enough that is fine, I am going to be littering hints on B1 and B2 as well...I also believe that I will be dusting off X1 for my adventurers.  I will be needing the name of a few inns if anyone has suggestions for those, I would love to hear them as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healing house rules...

((This was taken for Beyond the Black Gate word for word!  Apologies to BBG for not saying that earlier, in my original cut the writing turned white and when I corrected it did not come through!))

Non-magical Healing Potions and Poultices:

Another good way to supplement the Cleric-free party is to make available some simple herbal or medicinal remedies. Some examples might include:

Poultice of Healing (50gp): This is a creamy, salve-like poultice that is applied directly to a wound. It heals 3-6(1d4+2) points of damage and prevents scarring. Such a poultice is only effective on an individual once every 24 hours. A second application is only half as effective (round fractions down), and further applications have no effect whatsoever, until 24 hours has passed.

Anti-Venom, Weak(25gp): Imbibing this fluid within one round of poisoning allows the poisoned victim an immediate second saving throw against that poison.

Anti-Venom, Strong(200gp): Imbibing this fluid within one round allows the victim an immediate saving throw at +4.

Cleansing Remedy(100gp): Imbibing this foul herbal concoction within 24 hours of contraction of a disease thoroughly and noisily flushes out the victim's system (which may be inconvenient in certain circumstances), giving them an immediate saving throw against the disease with a +2 bonus.

Veritus Charm(500gp): This holy charm, if worn openly around the neck, allows the target of level draining attacks (that wouldn't normally allow a save) a saving throw at -2 against level drain.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The party decided to leave the area near Stonehell for it was way too dangerous for them at this time...instead they returned to Rosehill and rested.  Finally they struck a friendship up with Avery the innkeeper and he was able to share that some brigands had been attacking some outlying farms and they even began to get bold and attack a merchant.  The merchant Martin they later met and have entered into a contract to return a box that was stolen from him....but don't open it.

At the farm three of the party waited mixing in with the farm family led by Holdan, they were present when the brigands showed up...this time asking for tribute in the form of gold and silver.  This should be a fun little battle, we have six brigands and the three party members...

We are off for two weeks but I am hoping to introduce the idea of henchman to the group and we have one of the player's changing to on of his other Explorer, this is the human ACKS version of a Ranger.  I'm gonna push that they keep the fighter on as a henchman...but we'll see.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tomorrow is the next session for the 12 year old group, and they are in the Stonehell Dungeon...well not yet but they are trying.

Last week was the first session and it was highlighted by the only character carrying torches attacked by Green that was fun.  The party saved the character but by the skin of their teeth....

We are using the ACKS and I am looking forward to it...I will post more after the session tomorrow...I do like the amazement the kids have in how fast the game goes.

Any questions fire away!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Rules

Ok I've been going back to some of the old school goodness that I have...Holmes being first followed by Moldvay and Mentzer...and I have come up with some house rules that I am going to try...

1) Dual wielding will be used as is from the ACKS book: +1 to hit.
2) If you roll a one in combat, that opponent you were attacking receives a "free" swing at you.
3) Shield wielders can sacrifice their shield to negate an the case of a magical shield +1 it would lose the +1 and just be a shield still.

I am leaving the damage dice for weapons alone right now in ACKS but part of me is screaming to adjust it...for now I will wait!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Continuing with ACKS

Continuing about classes...we have the Assassin, Bard, Bladedancer and Explorer.  We have a Dwarven Vaultguard, Dwarven Craftpriest, Elven Spellsword and Elven Nightblade.  There is more than enough to make this work with your group, healing at the beginning is an issue as these rules follow the no spells for the divine casters.  The Proficiency of Healing can off-set that a bit but it is still a very dangerous environment.

As a GM I am enjoying the simplicity of it all and have become a backer of the player's companion and I am thrilled with the additional material I have seen coming out of for this.  IF you like OS gaming then this is for you...lot's of fun here and I don't have to invest a whole lot here...I have so much OS material that I am set for now!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tales from the Wastelands!

I know it has been a bit but I have been busy with so many different things, one has been this little gem of a distraction...Adventurer Conqueror King.  The best way I can describe this is thus, an old school game that has a lot of house rules in it.  There are some nifty things, the title explains what will happen to your character as you progress in levels...yes the levels each have names!  You will begin as little known adventurers but after many trials and tribulations will eventually carve out your own domain!

I am running two games of this currently and I really like the simplicity of it and how comfortable it makes me feel.  There are many ways you could add house rules to this but I would suggest running as is for now...and then adding.

Classes and races are not separate, there are proficiencies that add a little bit of the skill factor and that is what makes one fighter or thief or mage or cleric different from another.  There are some neat classes as well...but I am being paged for evening TV...more tomorrow morning!