Thursday, December 20, 2012

Primeval RPG/TV Show it has been a long time since I posted anything...I will need to go back and update on how the kids did with Castles and then Pathfinder...

The kids did move on though to Marvel was good BUT I think what happened is what I feared that the social impact of the game is tougher on the younger kids then adults...they don't have the social skills developed yet to pull it off.  Though the jury is still out.

I am in a huge Doctor Who mood and this has led me to Primeval...what you say?  Well I have been home sick the last two days and I have had a chance to watch the first series of Primeval.  Now it wasn't great BUT I could see the potential there.  This led me to find that there is a series called Primeval New World running on Canada's Space Channel...and this, this now is well done and reminds me of Stargate when that was fresh and new.

Kids like dinosaurs and heck so do I might need to put something together for the kids over the break, we shall see.  I have scheduled one day for us to spend like eight hours together over the break on one day so that might be a fun day to try this out then. I said been sick and now I am just tired so I will be catching up with you all later and I will be better about writing again!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Star Frontiers more...

I paid to have this printed and sent to me and I have to tell ya...I am really glad I did!!  There are some things in here that I will be adding to, to make this usable for me but a game that did not appeal to me when I was 17 has really struck a chord with me almost 30 years later!!  Gods I am getting old!!

Delving Deeper RPG

I ordered this roughly the day it was announced and finally after over 18 months I have the 3 preview pdf's.  I do say I love me some old school gaming and I look forward to working with this one, I know that there are plans for support so I am happy about that and I am happy to hear that...I'm not sure if this will replace SnW but it is off to a good start so far!

Oh yea only d6's are used here!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Castles and Crusades today....

Today the Dungeoneers began exploring the entrance to the dungeon they had found and bypassed earlier, this also is the dungeon that their Dwarven Cleric is looking for....

Now they have no idea about the module they are in...and though I think some of them have been in parts of it, I am changing around a lot of things about it.  They didn't get far BUT there was some fun moments and they have learned that Troglodytes are dangerous! ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Traveling I go...

I have been brought back to a Traveller PbP that I have been away from for almost 6 months and it is good to be back in the center seat again so to speak.

The gm is using all kinds of different Traveller products and we are based out of the Gateway Sector so it is a bit different than the Spinward Marches and all.  My ship I inherited from an uncle who passed and wanted me to have it...a former Scout it is a bit different now owning a merchantman but I am looking forward to seeing how much trouble we can get in!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am hearing from some that there was an announcement at GenCon about WOTC opening the vaults and reprinting older editions...sure why not.  WOTC has also said it might be two years before DnD 5e is ready, they want to "get it right".

What I believe is they want to generate more money by selling some older materials, they made money on the 1st ed reprints, and they can also use that as a test market..seeing what older editions sell and market the new game to that crowd.  Paranoid aren't I!

I don't give a hoot what they do personally, I have what I need and when the time comes and WOTC is ready I will make a choice...right now that group of people do need to do more right by us as consumers and less wrong.

Time will tell...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swords and Wizardry

I have been looking at DnD next and I like the direction it is heading, not sold yet but as I have posted elsewhere...I like the smell a lot better than now then I did a year ago.  I digress....

Swords and Wizardry White box...I ordered this two years ago and I have played it and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed myself.  I had forgotten how "simple" things were meant to be and how much fun "simple" could be.  I started re-reading the rules and I may have to run a throwback game somewhere just for snicks and grins but we shall see.

On a side note I am excited to hear that Delving Deeper is going to be hitting my mailbox soon, it has been over 18months and I know that John and BHP have had issues so I am not upset about the wait, I am EXCITED to hear that it will be coming in the next two weeks though.

Ok enough for now I have to get back to paying bills!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DnD Next...

The latest DnD Next packet came out yesterday and of course I need to look at this, so scifi gets put on hold...

I like what I have seen from a quick read through....I know it's not final and I don't see me giving up Pathfinder yet BUT I will be having my kids give it a chance.

More as I read on...

Monday, August 13, 2012

My SciFi Sandbox...

I have written how much different authors have influenced my gaming but today I thought I would share a peek at my sandbox that I use quite often.  Now some things change depending on what system I am using but for the last five years or so now this has been pretty constant.

I have two political entities that are in close proximity to each other the first is a Monarchy and the other is more of a coalition of like minded peoples.  The Monarchy has been in business for just over 1000 years and it resembles Great Britain in it's Empire days...this of course is influenced by David Weber and his Harrington series.

Bristol Star:  There are two planets that are very much inhabitable within the system, the first is Bristol with the capital of New Haven.  The world itself is about 60% water and there are large tracts of land that are bring left undeveloped for now.  There is a large population and most of those are centered around New Haven, Port Royale and Southwicke.  Bristol also is home to the Royal Naval Academy.

Cambridge is the second planet in the Bristol system and though it does not boast as large as a population as Bristol it is where the New Cambridge University is based.  NCU is also the leader in the study of psionics, the Duke of Cambridge is a well known psionicist as is his family.   Cambridge is a world covered in water and fogs tend to develop very quickly inland and at sea, making travel for those dependent on sight very dangerous.  Though the air is breathable many people rarely leave the comforts of the domes and tubes that connect the cities and buildings of Cambridge.

The last feature of the Bristol System is the Naval Station known as Pearl Station, it is a small planet onto itself and is the largest naval port for the Monarchy.  Repair and construction yards are here as well as research and development of many new weapons systems.

The closest planets are; Gryphon, Canterbury, Fenris and Basilisk.  Gryphon is a rocky, dry and hot world filled with large deserts and deep canyons.  The key to Gryphon is the mining that is done here, the Mining Guilds supply many of the precious metals the Star Kingdom needs, while the Guilds do have quite bit of control the government has no problems with nationalizing the mines if needed and will not be held hostage.  The Star Kingdom maintains many mines of it's own but for the most part it does let the Merchant Houses and the Mining Guild do most of the dirty work.  The navy does maintain a base here, Braddock Station, named after Colonel Henry Braddock one of the most decorated Royal Marines in the Star Kingdoms history.  Rumors have it that elements of the Blackrazors train here.  The Blackrazors are the kingdoms black bag specialists, and they have a very nasty reputation.

More to follow....

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had forgotten about Dragonstar...I have not looked at this in ages I might need to do that down the road here.  I really wish it had been converted to 3.5 but....well you have to crack some eggs to make breakfast!

I remember playing this when it debut at GenCon and we had a blast at the table.  I always thought it was neat how the tech and magic blended well together, my Elf carrying a blaster pistol and hi-tech keyboard was just enough to remind me of Shadowrun!  I wonder how hard it would be to use Pathfinder for this...

I have found this site:
I wonder what else there is...

There is this:
but I WANT magic....I will have to continue to dig!

Friday, August 10, 2012


As a boy I bought this book at Walden and I loved the novel as well...pre-teen boy, I was full of hormones.  I recently bought the book again at a used book store and I'm glad I did because I had forgotten how good it was... Scifi flame...

I make no claim on this but I found it to be very inspiring for some Scifi that I am cooking up...

I have always been a big scifi nut, when I was a kid I read the Perry Rhodan series, the Ensign Flandry books most of the E.E. Doc Smith books across all of his writings.  I loved reading Piper and a little bit of Asimov and Heinlein, these are the books that have colored my views of scifi before Lucas and Star Wars.

Today I love reading Weber (Honor Harrignton), Jack Campbell (The Lost Fleet) and David Drake (RCN series) these authors today are what color my scifi now.  When I prep for a scifi RPG this is what is in my mind and I'm not sure if that is good or bad but it is what it is....

What Scifi authors color your games for you?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

While sleeping today....

I had a dream about Space Above and Beyond....I will get back to that....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Northlands Shift....

I have the pleasure of having a few groups to game with...I have my oldest group which is the group that I sponsor at the high school where I work.  I have been doing that for over 20 years and have seen well over 100 kids come through the groups, I have my kids group which are my sons and three of their friends and I have my adult group.

Now the HS group only meets once a week for about 90 minutes and we get stuff done BUT not a lot and once or twice a year I will give them on Saturday for 8 kids group meets once a week on Saturdays for three hours a day.  There is some flexibility there and we have played a lot of different games and systems.  My adult group meets about once a month for 8-9 hours a meeting, sometimes we can get a twice a month meet in there but that is a rarity.  We are going to be finishing up our Pathfinder/Dragonlance game here in the next few months and I am going to be going back behind the shield again...something that I miss.  Now don't get me wrong I like playing but I find my mind wanders a lot as a player and while it is easy to stay with what is happening in the game I am used to being the GM and wanting to stay ahead of the group.

Well I have been trying to find the next game I want to run this next session, most likely to last a year or more and I think I am going to give Shadowrun a chance.  I have flirted with this game like a high school boy flirts with the new girl in school.  I have had all the different editions at one point or another and this last edition (anniversary) seems to have boiled it down nicely.  I might let the kids group look at this down the road for a one shot or a holiday session but not a regular game.  I was speaking to some of the player's in the group about it and one is really excited and another has always wanted to try this we go.

I will be looking at this for now in my free time, I have spent a lot of time gathering what I need now it's time to start making notes and moving forward.

Cya Chummer!

Monday, August 6, 2012


I found this again and I know it is very old school, but I can see having some fun with it.  It has been hinted that this would be a great wtay to bring Justifiers back.  Now having gone to school with the creator of that game and at one time owning all of those source books...I would agree!

I think I have some ideas for a post on this one....just need some time to get to post it...

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have found again and I have to say that the ease of this game was lost on me as a teen.  Now taking a look and really getting into it with an open really is pretty darn good!

I am going to spring this upon my three kids and test it out and see how it looks, I think they will enjoy it...I am going to change how skills are initially bought AND I am changing the whole piloting thing as well.

I have gone as far as ordering the Alpha Dawn book from LuLu...I will share when it gets in my thoughts on it...

Scifi Horror...

The kids did some scifi horror today and I held back certain tell tale signs until the last possible moment and the bbeg made it's appearance...

All of the kids loved it and I have been told that "next" time I have to continue this...should be fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eclipse Phase?

Can anyone explain the background to me, I have read through the QS rules and I really seem not to be making the connection to this one....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

The summer has been busy and I have neglected this for a bit and I am sorry, so I will start with this post and then try and catch up on what I have been working on and my thoughts on a few things. Till then stay safe and enjoy your holiday here in America.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's Next Batman?

In three months the adult group will have finished our game that we started last June, and I am planning on what our next game is going to be.

So far our choices are Sci fi in a couple different genres, some high flying cape action, modern zombie bashing and a Victorian era game.  I am waiting for feedback from my regular guys and we should have at least one new person joining us I do believe.

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear what you guys out there would suggest, either games or suggestions for a genre that I haven't thought of!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Battletech A Time of War

Ok so our kids group took a field trip to the FLGS for the Free RPG Day freebies and we were not disappointed.  Between my three boys and myself we got one of everything we wanted, and though it took a few moments I was able to get the kids into a demo of Battletech: A Time of War.

IT has been a few years since I have done anything with Battletech and even longer since MechWarrior but the numbers came back very quickly as I sat and watched the kids play.  The kids, all but one, seemed to have a good time despite the GM.

I have run games for companies and independent designers at various conventions for years and I have been told that I am pretty good at it.  I have seen different levels of being prepared and this GM knew the adventure well enough BUT didn't know the rules as well as I would like.  The GM kept on using the initiative system from Battletech the mini game not the rpg.  Modifiers were not being used, which isn't a big deal BUT she completely messed up the combat rules.  One of the things I always did was to make sure the player's left the table feeling great and like they had accomplished something.  This GM told them how poorly they did and maybe next time they should think about what they are doing.  I was VERY disappointed in what she had done and will follow up with the store and the Catalyst Labs contact that I have.

Oh I mentioned she knew the adventure well enough and I guess that is not the whole truth...she decided that four tanks and twenty men would be a good challenge for a group of new players with a broken down power mech meant for loading and industrial work NOT combat.

Now on top of all of that, I did pick up the rules and screen.  On the way home I gave the kids my speech on how they did, it is the one I would have given to them if I had GM'd for them.  They liked that much better and want to do something with the game but not just Mech versus Mech they want something more like Mission Impossible meets Black Ops.  I think I can handle that! ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Where is my scifi game?

Ok I am working on some things this summer and I am looking for a good set of scifi rules and damned if I am running into a brick wall.  Now I own Traveller, Serenity, Star Frontiers, Star Trek and pretty much all the rest and I keep coming back to Stars Without Numbers...I had opportunity to run this game a few months ago with my adult group and it went very very well!  I then took a look at converting the characters to Traveller and realized that the two were very close and was it really worth the effort.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate any input on a system, settings I can do while sleeping...I have a core setting that I have used now for awhile...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Space Opera

I have been a fan of the 12 degree system for a little bit and five months ago I had bought the pdf and print copy of Thousand Suns, I really like it for what it does.  It is not as sci hard as Traveller and it is easier to decipher than Space Opera.

I am going to be throwing some characters together and see how they stand up against Stars Without Numbers a game I have run before and like for it's ease of use....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

MnM 3e

We had an opportunity to play MnM 3e today and the kids had an absolute blast!  We had the appearance of Impulse, Tempest, Lionheart and Electric Blue, in New York City.

I used the Silver Storm adventure from Green Ronin and we had some rough spots but it worked out in the end and the four new heroes captured two of the "Stormers".

We had the rule that anything from the comics is fair game if it makes sense to the story.  We introduced Star Labs and SHIELD.  I had fun as well, more than I thought I would have....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

or Call of Cthulhu

I pulled my CoC books off the shelf and now I may have to change my campaign idea over to this.  IT has been YEARS since I ran a CoC campaign and I feel that tug to do so now.  I need to decide on what time I wish to run in...

1890's, 1920's, 1930's or modern?  The last time I ran a campaign it was set in the modern day so I am pretty sure that I don't want that again, I am leaning towards Gaslight or the Jazz age.  I can easily run either and have plenty of source material for both as well.  We shall see which...Jazz has a distinct edge because of the resource material I have for that time, but Gaslight just has a way of being more sinister and mysterious.

Ah well more research today as we begin exams and I will have time to read while the young minds cook....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last day for my kids...

Today was the last day of school for my kids, they are officially out of school.  Their school is officially out on Monday and they have to go in for one hour...we called nay on this one.

I am beginning my notes for my game in the fall and I have to say I am pleased with the use of Modern d20 for this...I remember not being a big fan of it back in the day BUT by using the Blood and Guts rule additions it really is something I can get behind.

I am looking forward to summer so much this year.  The year itself was a real downer on a professional level as  one of my partners was let go for conduct detrimental to a student.  The upside was the hiring of young man who is a great worker and dedicated to his job.

The high school club did a good job with games this year I lost four of the seven this year to year I will be starting with three juniors....

Alright well I wanted to get something down for June...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Work

I have an idea that I would like to work on over the summer, that is using d20 modern for my next "campaign" for the adult group.

That is the next clue as to what I am working is something that I have known for years but I have not played it face to face in a long time.

Guesses?  It should be easy from the last image!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Ok it was neat seeing my name in the front of the book as a play tester from feedback given at GaryCon a few years ago...

I really do like the interior art, to me it really invokes that late 70's very early 80's feel.  What I don't like are the funky dice...I have found over the years that games that require the purchase of another $30 in dice just aren't gonna make it.  I know that there are ways to get around it but why even print/write it this way, I played it back then without the dice and it was fine, heck I was excited about it with this no.

I will eventually pick it up but it will be at an auction or discounted somewhere...maybe.  The price tag for the size of the book isn't bad and the art is very interesting, but the mechanics for spells just don't leave me excited.  I know what they were trying for having talked to John Goodman about the game for a bit of time back then but I really think the mark was missed.  IT will appeal to some but I don't believe it will be enough to keep the line going....heck I hope I'm wrong.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The trial of Wraith

A session ago Wraith our resident thief contacted her guild about getting a cart to use in a little action she was planning.  Her contact made arrangements for a meet and both Kessin and Wraith were to come alone...they did not.  Kessin brought the cart and a horse, after money was exchanged he started to unhook the horse, Wraith confronted him, he explained you wanted a cart, I brought the horse to bring the cart....if you want the horse it will cost you more money.

Now a fight began and when it was done Kessin was dead and his back up fled into the woods outside the town of Hartford.  Days went buy and Wraith had not returned to Hartford...but finally she did.  Her party tried to tell her no BUT they all slept in the common room, when they awoke in the morning Wraith was gone...

The trial from the guild has started....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Two members buy the farm...

This Sunday saw two of the original characters I thought might happen the second was a surprise.  The first to fall was our Cleric who came up short while battling a human mage.  The mage was hired as part of group of bad guys who we have had our way with for quite a long time...well they slapped back.  I was the GM for this and I really played this one up, the group was doing their now normal investigating and became separated the Cleric and Cleric/Thief ended up together and I won't go into details BUT the Cleric ended up with a Flaming Sphere sitting on top of his chest, roast Cleric it was.

Later as the group was licking it's wounds the Revenant that had been hunting the Nightstalker finally caught up with them.  Even with and Undead Bane sword the Revenant accomplished the task of killing it's murderer.  That now left only the Half-Elf Ranger, the Minotaur and my Elf Magus as the originals who have declared war on these very evil men.  Next time we get together I am looking forward to getting even with these bastards!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The last one...

This Sunday will mark the end of my run with our group for our Pathfinder Dragonlance game.  The starting GM will take back over for the last three sessions.  We have gone from 1st level to about 7th level and it has been a lot of fun running around a different version of Dragonlance.

I am beginning to prep for my next game which should be starting in September or October....and here is my first clue...the actors don't matter just the image....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dragonlance/Pathfinder continues....

This weekend we continue our Pathfinder/Dragonlance game that we started last June/July, I have had the reins for almost five months now and will be handing them back over NEXT month to the other GM.  The average party level is now 6th and we are climbing rapidly to 7th.

I am excited because this game is going to be more character driven and have more to do with investigations then hacking and slashing...though there will be some of that as well.  I have downloaded the PFR app to my Ipad and now have all the books images but that is not what I need.

We have the group in Kalaman and they are coming to grips with just releasing two bad bad people back into the Ogre Mage and a Lich....the Lich will appear in the next series sometime next year...the Ogre Mage might be sooner. ;)

Pathfinder versus Castles and Crusades...this will be an adjustment... :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

We really like...

I have now heard at least a dozen times in the last two days how much my sons like Castles and Crusades.  I have asked why and I was told that it is fun, easy and not as big as Pathfinder!  I am proud that both boys have spent time reading the PHB wanting to know more about certain aspects of the game, and asking why about a variety of subjects.  My one son asked last night if the game was "old" or "new"...I said it was less than ten years old..."wow that's old" was his comment.  Now he is twelve and I referenced that and he reconsidered..."I guess it's not THAT old."

I am digging out some good old 2e DnD stuff and it seems that those things transfer pretty easy but so does 1e.  I have the new Tome of Horrors and that is something that will be making an appearance at the table soon...not yet but soon.

My sons have gotten into the little farming community that I have put them in, they wanted to know names and ages of the people there and one of the other young players wanted to know if he could test the locals to see if there was anyone with any magical talent....he himself is first level!!  I have to say that this little gem is giving me hours and oodles of paper to hold onto.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The dirt road...

The mixing of the high school kids with my two sons went really well!  The key today was LOTS of traveling, the group of eight traveled the most in this game to date.  They traveled from Pine Grove, the farming community that has become their home base, and finally to the metropolis town of Hartford, where they have brick streets!

First the group had to be united and that was interesting, a rescue from a dungeon maze, a riddle and a death trap were for the most part avoided.  The group came out with some money and a magic item, a slew of new weapons for the farmers and Rhialla (the ranger in the HS group) made level.  When they got to the booming town the group split up and trouble ensued...the Thief in the group went against her guild, the Ranger and Fighter almost got killed by some Were-rats, the Bard did his best to charm the ladies AND the other Ranger Valen went on his own little quest.  They have picked up some more info on the Stag Lord and now Lotan and Janos are speeding back to Pine Grove to share this information while the other group travels on to Eastbrook where Valen is.

This to me was like a Marvel Team up episode and I could not have scripted a better ending, I am proud of my sons and the HS kids who really stepped up!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A dream....

Tomorrow I will get to do something that I have wanted to do for sometime...I will have my two sons who are 12 join with their high school counterparts for a crossover Castles and Crusades game!  The high school group has just started in this area and it should be interesting to see how they meet.  This is cool for me to see how my kids do with the older kids and for me to see how the older kids react.

This will be the longest my kids have played...roughly 6 hours so that should be interesting and it is the first Saturday session that the high school kids have earned in almost three years.

I will let everyone know how this turns out....

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gaming with my youngest...

Today I made an opportunity to game with my youngest and his two older brothers.  I let the two older kids play their same characters as what they have been playing and my youngest played his Elf Fighter/Thief, using the Castles and Crusades rules.  I used an encounter from one of Troll Lord's encounter set, with a few additions to suit my needs.

First the Assassin and Bard found out that one of the 12 year old boys from the farms had gone missing...this has happened before but never for more than two was now three.  They took off trying to track him and finally the found a trail heading south deeper into the woods then they had been.  Finding some giant frogs along the way and beating them they eventually found an abandoned farming community.  Searching they found a dead and decayed body in one of the barns and a backpack with rudimentary supplies.

Now in comes the new Fighter/Thief...he has found the boy and was getting ready to take him back when he knew a storm was coming.  He watched the two search the area and finally the boy recognized the two looking for him as being friends of his folks from the farm.  Eventually everyone is united and a night spent in one of the houses is called for.  Now during the night the storm blows itself out and eventually the assassin notices that the animals are not making any noise....and then they see them four zombies.  The group decides that the assassin will get the kid to safety while the bard and fighter buy him time....

They did a great job of picking the first four off and then the next six but by this time they had lost a bow to a broken bow string and the bard was down in hit points...time for a withdrawal.  Now as they are leaving they see that the kid has picked up a dagger along the bid deal.  They eventually do make it back with a few interesting encounters that they managed to avoid and the parents want to return the dagger to the group...only no one gave him a dagger and what is that stranger pattern and mark on the dagger....

That will be for next time...

The One that Got Away...

I had my hands on this back in 2008 BUT I didn't buy it, and I really don't know why other than I was on a boycott of Castles and Crusades at that point.  I wasn't happy the way the game was being supported and I really wanted the Castle Keepers Guide which had been promised at that point.

I never bought and I have been trying to find it now for over a year...with really no luck.  To any who are reading if you see this pop up somewhere or know of someone who wants to sell one...please think kindly upon me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Taming of the Stag Lord...

The 12 year old group continued today and once again the Tatzelwurm made an appearance...the mate of the one they killed last week. While crossing a river the last member of the group to cross spotted something shining stuck on some rocks just a little further down stream...well he went to investigate by himself...

The wurm jumped from the shoreline and nearly had him, the fight was difficult BUT the group managed to fend off and finally kill the wurm.  Some nasty sprites and avoiding combat with an Owlbear AND a Shambling Mound the party didn't lose anyone and actually managed to find some of the bandits and that was a nasty fight leaving two of the group down.  (The Marksman and Spellsword)

Finally making it home they are starting to get some gold and are making friends now with the farmers in the of the daughters has taken a shine to Alexius and the Spellsword thinks he has found someone with some talent that maybe he can teach.  The kids are only first level but they are playing WAY above their heads and it's great!!

Nothing next week but we are back with a vengeance on the 19th!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers....Marvel Comics

This was by far my favorite supers movie to date...and I don't see anything toppling it in the near future.  It played out like a comic and I could picture it coming right out of the comic itself.  Really a great job and it does live up to the hype...

Go see it...and then go see it again like I am!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The One Ring RPG

Finally I have The One Ring RPG in my possession and I will be reading through it over the next few days in between the few time I will be at the Avengers movie.

I have to say that I do like what I see so far but I am only a few pages into it...I have looked at the dice and I can only assume right now that you cannot get extra sets of the dice.  The dice are important in skill resolution but you can use normal dice without any issue.  There are four or five d6 (they are in the car right now) and one  d12, the d12 has the rune for Gandalf and the Eye of Mordor on the face of the 12 and 11 respectively.  IF you roll a 12 then you have succeeded at the task at hand no matter what the difficulty for the roll was...if you rolled an 11...well that counts as a zero for the PC's and that is not good.  That is about as far as I can go right now but I will be posting more later as I get through the book.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dungeon Crawl for Magus Crispin

Today the new Dungeon Crawl was interesting they actually surprised some orcs BUT left them alone to continue scouting the dungeon out...

I made those that had weapons readied stop mapping...those that carried a weapon could not now we have the hobbit thief mapping... ;)

They have managed to kill a Giant accident...

All in all they seemed to have fun and...they did find 12 gp and a non-magical dagger...not an auspicious start for May but it is a start...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Lord of the Rings

Watched some LotR with the boys over last weekend and we started asking questions about what happened to who and how long had Gandalf been alive and well stuff like that.  Got me rolling on some good LotR RPG thoughts.

I played MERP and Rolemaster back in the day though I have long ago gotten rid of any of that stuff.  I think I still have the Decipher game lying about somewhere and I really should look at getting The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7.  I also have seen some interesting material on using OD+D rules to emulate the world of Middle Earth.

I would look at doing something in the Third Age after Bilbo and Before the War of the Ring and the Fellowship...that sits firmly in the era that Cubicle 7 is targeting.  We shall see....

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The results....

((Thanks to Paizo and I think Bestiary 3...for the art))

Today the heroes decided to try and track the bandits...this worked for the first day but by the second they had lost the trail and were going to give it one more day....but that night a lone Thylacine attacked during the night when they only had one watcher watching.  Everyone but the Spellsword woke and when it was over the creature was dead and Lasheer the Elvish Warden was unconscious.

Heading back to the village they learned that his arm was in bad shape (we are still using the negative effects table) and needed a more expert observation.  One of the party rode to the town and retrieved a cleric who diagnosed him with torn muscles and he lost the use of his right arm. The player decided to retire the character and bring forth his cousin an Elvish Marksman...maybe someday they could afford to pay for his arm to be repaired.

The new group went out and almost in the same place were attacked by a Tatzelwurm, this time the Spellsword was paralyzed and Alexius the gladiator gave chase, the new Marksman and Bard tried to pepper it with arrows before they lost sight of it.  The assassin woke up and followed along, finally they tracked the wurm to it's lair and a battle ensued.  It ended with the assassin using a torch and burying it in the eye of the creature...

Quickly gathering up their companions they made a quick camp until morning and then headed back to the village.  They had recovered a potion and two a small amount of gold.

Next week they want to go back and see if they can scavenge the scales from the wurm... ;)

Now for something totally different...

We ended last weeks session with our ACKS characters and everyone seemed happy, and then I showed them their characters in Castles and Crusades terms and they agreed to "try" this.  Now my sons have played CnC before and kind of know what to expect, I believe this will be different for the others...but really not that different as they have played Pathfinder and d20 3.x.

The game will move on...I will post more later....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mapping Continued

I had some time so I hand drew a map, the map is 96 x 72 miles and consists of 20 villages and hamlets and two larger size towns.  There is a very large forest and four smaller ones, two rivers and a larger lake, there is also some hills no mountains on this portion of the map.  THIS is going to be what I use for the younger kids group from now on.  There is plenty for them to explore here and do.  I have some ideas on keying the locations to "encounter levels" so they don't get too far over their heads but we'll see, right now I'm excited about the look of it and where I can go with it.

On another note I got over 10 hours of sleep last night and feel better than I have in two weeks!!

Back to the drawing board sometime today....

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am not a huge fan of the World of Greyhawk...just never got into some of the names that were used...didn't jive with me as a 13-14 year old.  Now I love the City of Greyhawk and I am thinking of taking it as is and using it as the large city in my world, north of where the player's are now.  The notes I have for my city place it near a river and a lake so I'm thinking that this would work well!

Now I have a lot of info on the city from my 1st and 2nd edition days so this should be a fun I just have to figure where I'm gonna put Waterdeep and Bard's Gate! ;)


The fight that the younger kids had yesterday was a real memorable one, as far as I was concerned.  There were 11 brigands on foot and one mounted, there were three player characters and three npc farmers.  The fight started with the PC's concealed and the farmers confronting the brigands....well after the first round of fighting one farmer was very dead and one was knocked to zero.  After two rounds the other farmer was down and out of the fight and the brigands were getting ready to pillage the farm, enter the player's.  It took 10 rounds but the PC's were on the winning side and only one of them was down and out, the other two had fought down to one hitpoint AND then the other two player characters had arrived from town.

The turning point of the conflict was when the Gladiator character, Alexius stood his ground and finished off five of the really was a great fight and his armor saved him from certain doom.  The other two PC's did a nice job but Alexius standing out in the open not running and not worrying about his outcome left an impression on the brigand lieutenant who managed to get away...

Now they have found out that the "Stag Lord" is the leader of the brigands and that he lives in the deepest part of the woods...will they go after him or do some scouting to see what else they can week will give us some more answers.  Next week will also be the beginning of us leaving the ACKS system and moving towards Castles and Crusades.  This was the player's decision and I am excited to see what THEY think about the differences...they have seen their characters and they all really were excited about the differences.

Ok enough for now...