Monday, September 19, 2011

I had the pleasure over the weekend to do a lot of reading in this new RPG, and I really am impressed with it. I normally don't like dice pool mechanics but this one works for me as it worked in Victoriana as well, the Heresy Engine. I'm not sure on the set world that they are writing, it is based on Abney Park music, but I do like the inspiration and could see using it for a few different ideas.

I am still working on putting together a better sheet for it and making a few sample characters...I will post more once I am done with that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The high school where I work, I am the truant officer, I sponsor the "gaming" club. I have sponsored the club for nearly 20 years and have seen the membership change so much, it was very male dominated until about five years ago and as of this year for the very first time I have five female players.

I met last week with the three officers last week and we discussed business stuff but this week was the first week we gamed and I sprung Hollow World Expedition on them! I started them in the adventure from this years Free RPG Day, but I asked them to tell me about their characters and why they were traveling to Dallas from Chicago...and to tell me about their characters. I was making notes the entire time as they had not seen a rulebook yet nor did they know what they were playing. What I got was a total shock to me...and fun as well.

"Desi" She is heading to Dallas to record an album, what a lot of people don't know is she sang for many of the mob figures during prohibition and learned away around both kinds of piano's. :)

"Nikki" Is a RN and is heading to Dallas for the wedding of her Aunt, who because of the number of children is actually closer in age and is more like a cousin. Nikki is also a practicing Wicca and is thrilled to be seeing her Aunt again, the woman who introduced her to the Triple Goddess.

Professor Bridgett Palmer is a professor of Archaeology from the University of Michigan but is on her way to meet her boyfriend who is stationed at Fort Bliss and is meeting her in Dallas. She hopes that he will be popping the question there.

Sara Rose is a woman who runs a flower shop in Chicago and is traveling to Dallas to meet with a few other botanists. In reality Sara is a triad trained killer who is leaving Chicago to meet with a new client in Dallas. Sara was born in San Francisco and learned her trade from her mother who had learned it...well you get it. Most clients don't realize they are dealing with a woman as she maintains the utmost secrecy.

Luke Stoufer was born in Texas and his parents moved to Chicago when he was in his early teens. He still spent many summers on the ranch with his grandmother and grandfather and he is going to see them. In Chicago he is now a private detective and uses a combination of down home smarts with street smarts to get his man.

The session then jumped off as it should with the plane flying through the "tear" and Sara actually managing to pilot the plane down onto the island with little difficulty. Gail and Frank were saved as were the businessman but the co-pilot is still out and the pilot is quite dead. They all have seen the astrolabe as it bounced around the cabin but that is as far as that has gone. We ended with the landing of the plane and Sara seeing that other planes have tried the same thing and looks like they failed.

I announced the name of the session was Trapped in the Aircraft Graveyard and they were thrilled!

They grabbed the dice concept quickly but we didn't worry about averages yet as they didn't have characters...I will have to do that before the next session. IT was a blast and I am glad to have finally started....