Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leagues of Adventure Part II

Sorry about using the same art twice in a row but I really like it! I now have this and I am very impressed with what was written, then again "Wiggy" does a pretty good job at whatever he writes! I can look at this and see how I can twist this to what I want, which is essentially a conversion of Tim's Ghosts of Albion! The magic system needs work but I think I can sit down with someone and we can hammer something out, right Tim!

The main book won't be out for a bit, but again the second adventure in this is quite long and gives some great ideas...I can see getting a lot out of this. Time to dust of my League of Extraordinary Gentleman DvD and give it a look see!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Victorian Era Gaming

I have been waiting a long time for Ghosts of Albion to hit stores, I know I am not alone in this but it has been maddening! Well I found out that there is going to be a Victorian Era release for another system that I am also very excited about and while it will not be Ghosts I think that I can really get behind this game. First Triple Ace Games is just releasing two quick start type adventures with some cut down Ubiquity rules for it as well as 6 pre generated characters. I will post more when I find out more...but I do have the cover image, posted above....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It has indeed been a long time since I posted anything here...the summer break is almost over and I am happy to say that I spent a ton of time with my sons! That meant not much posting here or even thinking about posting here. ;)

Our kitchen got redone and it looks great but that took a lot of time and displacement of a lot of our belongings. I ended up with a meniscus tear in my left knee and a sever sprain of my MCL as well! That was fun...

Austin had his birthday, I was able to get to GenCon for a day and then a buddy wanted help teaching his nephew how to play DnD...well Pathfinder. I took the kids to Wizard World for the day on a Friday and we were treated so well by the artists and others we had a great time. The guys in costume had no problems posing for pics with the kids, that was cool. We took several trips out, the family went to the zoo, I didn't see above. We did go to the Ren Faire and I ended up with one of my sons walking sticks to get through the day. OUCH! We went swimming a variety of parks this summer and we were able to hang out at two of our neighbors pools quite a bit as well...that was fun. Summer was fun and next year I will take every Friday off again...I had way too much fun with my sons not to do it again. We went to see the Xmen movie as well as Captain America...they both were very very good. I saw Thor and it was...ok but not bad, just eh.

Now for the high school kids...I stumbled upon Hollow Earth Expedition at GenCon and got to be in a demo with the lead writer for it. My two friends and I had a blast and I really had forgotten how much I enjoyed the helps me with two things. I love historical period gaming pieces but Call of Cthulhu might be just to much for the kids. I have been a sucker for the old type serial shows like Flash and Buck Rogers as well as Doc Savage etc... My Basic DnD idea is on hold but I know I could pick that up in a heartbeat on just what I have already and when we get back to school and our first meeting on the 30th we will be playing HEX. Gotta love a land filled with dinosaurs, magic items (Atlantean of course and don't get me started on my infatuation with Atlantis), and of course goose stepping bad guys!

For now I have some more to prep but already I am ready to get started as soon as we get back...this should be fun!