Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Basic DnD game is taking real shape now, we have the Villages of Oakford, Millford and Rosehill. The town of Rivers Edge, the Bleak Tower (used to be Black Tower), Dur Dollem the dwarvish home, and Mythshanal the Elvish home all in the area! I am thrilled with how things are developing and I cannot wait to spring this on the kids in the fall!!! I need to come up with a name and right now I am not coming up with anything but I will!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dog Days of Summer RPG

Summer has really started finally! The first of July and the heat is picking up here in Chicago, we are under a heat advisory for the day and I will be home with all three boys...sounds like a great day for gaming!!

We left our three characters and a hired mage invading a goblin cave, we shall see what happens today I think.

I worked on my map of the area and put together a map. The characters are based out of the Village of Rose Hill right now and south east of them is the Bleak Tower. I have added quite a bit from different Basic modules in the area and really look forward to the boys exploring AND the kids from AGC will get a crack at this as well.

Off now to go back to bed....