Saturday, April 30, 2011


Austin my youngest made his first Communion today and the day was wonderful and the family and friends that were there made this a very nice day for him. This also brings April to a close and May begins tomorrow and it will be fun to see what that month brings!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have got that Star Trek itch again, usually strikes two to three times a year...well it's here again! I am not a huge fan of Decipher's Star Trek and Icon is good, but trying to teach the group another system could be equated to putting a gun to my head so this might be a nice compromise!

In this version which is based upon Franz Joseph's works, Star Fleet is very different. The nice thing is that with a little work you could play in the TOS timeline with just a few tweaks if you wanted. The game mechanics are based upon d20 Modern so teaching a new set of rules would not be an issue, and generally the characters start at 5th level...unless they are fresh cadets!

I am going to be driving a lot today and waiting in the van...I think I will be doing some reading and writing...
Was at the hobby store last night with one of my players and we talked about how much fun this game would be...until we realized that out of the six of us we were the two with the most background on the game! If you have not looked at this game it is a dark game with failure being not the worst thing you have to fear! Your small group of acolytes work for an Inquisitor, he sends you out to sniff out and sometimes put an end to any heresy that can be found. Heresy as defined by what the living Emperor thinks it is...I know it sounds complicated. Maybe a nice game of Call of Cthulhu! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday's AGC (High School Age Kids)

The AGC took me for a loop this week, they actually requested NOT to play Dragon Age but to play Castles and Crusades...what could I say...but yes!

Using resources I already had I came up with a nice little mystery dungeon crawl, involving an abandoned outpost at the edge of the Black March. The group, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Rogue and Bard began at the broken gate to the outpost. Finally going inside they took a look around the covered courtyard and the many doors and decided that climbing the ladders to the roof would be best. Two broken ladders later they were on the roof of the outpost and discovered a trap door. Opening the door they discovered a wolf at the bottom of the ladder leading down off the roof into what was once a stables. Getting a closer look they realized that there were two wolves and they looked cared this point the wizard chooses to descend...that was the last mistake the wizard made, the wolves tore her apart.

The party then decided to snipe the wolves and in the process managed to snap one bow string AND the bard dropped his bow down, where one of the wolves grabbed it and made kindling out of it!! They both rolled ones and then rolled again to confirm the fumbles....OUCH!

Finally the wolves were dispatched and that ended our session for the day....though they did descend into the stables and found the skeletal remains of a few others and a pouch with 20 silver.

Next week we will continue with a new character for the wizard....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The end of the third quarter brought the end of the hero portion of this years we start the fourth quarter with Dragon Age. I thought we were going to do Call of Cthulhu but the kids just couldn't get a concept together for characters.

So we now explore the dark times of the Dragon Age...the system itself is very simple and we will be starting our first session with some combat...should be pretty simple and then we will get into the story. I am modifying the little adventure that came with the rules, it's fine BUT I think it needs some help, I think that some of the encounters need attention and it feels very much like a railroad adventure. I understand why and don't fault the writer or Green Ronin, but I can do something more with it.

I will post more later...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Time

Now that is no where near my house BUT it does reflect my mood, Spring is in the air!! Work has picked up, so my free time has waned, I've had to scuttle one pbp game and I need to pay some serious attention to another before it is in full code!

Lot's of work to do around the house and for once this Spring I really don't mind...I know that I've got some good table top time coming. The kids are continuing on with their adventures chasing the Chalice of Freya...though it's not where the modules says, I just took the idea!

The adults were at a decision point and now they are on a different Adventure Path! The fun is just beginning and a rescue has to happen here soon!

I need to remember to post more here...I've been looking at the Gumshoe system, and the Dragon Age system as of late. This is what I do to keep from being bored! Gumshoe has some really nice qualities to it, and Dragon Age is looking like it could be fun as well...I broke down and bought the game for the 360, I will need to see. There is some really good free source material out there, my favorite is the adaption of Mystara to the AGE system!! FUN!!!!

Ok now the boys are in football for a spring league and of course I'm coaching...this is just a two hand touch league's still football!

See ya'll later!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I know that it is April 1st and there is the cosmic conspiracy to have some fun at another's expense BUT I'm just not in the mood. I've been going through a dark phase of late and actually have picked up my Call of Cthulhu books again...that is never a good sign.

I picked up Trail of Cthulhu just to see what that system was like, it's very interesting...I would like to try something with it OR with it's much older brother CoC 6th ed.

Right now my head is pounding but realized I had not posted in some time and wanted to get at least one post on the first of the month.

I don't think I would be able to get the kids involved in a CoC game so I might have to do something with the high school kids, or if the opportunity arises with the adults...though I feel that is a long shot.

Tim's librarian with some tweaks would be a great character here....alright time for some migraine medicine...ciao for now.