Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today we finally finish up the beginning of the storyline for the AGC kids...after a week of ill health we should have our first super on super battle. Today the kids will be meeting Dragonfly, Howler and Anubis!

This is going to be fun....is Viper really pulling the strings and what does Emerson Electronics have to do with all this?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being sick makes the mind wander...

I have been sick since Monday morning and I've had time to reminisce about this game from so long ago.

I remember playing this game at Kurt L's house, he is now a Lutheran Minister, and we would play for hours, heck over winter break I remember playing for days! My best friend was Todd and he played The Bowman, yes a Green Arrow/Hawkeye rip off. I was playing Sparrow a shape changing American Indian. We battled many villains and eventually Kurt was running and then I was running games, we kept track of the number of issues we had and of course other heroes made their debut. We had crossovers and limited series issues...we had a great time for about two years and then Kurt graduated a year ahead of us and the Champions game kind of slowed to a halt. I continued it a bit in college but by then DC Heroes had come out and I was interested in that and left Champions behind.

Years later the Best Man from my wedding took up the mantle and began running Champions again, this saw once again someone else running story lines and I ran some story lines but the other players just didn't seem to enjoy it as much! I've used those characters from both era's here and there and now with a renewed vigor I intend to run some games for my kids and for the kids in the AGC and maybe just maybe I can convince are adult group to give it a try...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victoria City Knights #2

Well yesterday we started our 2nd issue of the comic/story. We used Champions 6E this time...IT has been a bit since I ran Champions and you know what...I had a blast!! The kids did well and enjoyed the game, they are finally getting the clues as to who is behind the bad stuff that is happening...of course it is tied to the company that one of them works for in their secret ID.

After I stopped we took 15 minutes and went over what has happened in the last few weeks with the different systems and I asked which one they enjoyed more. There was some talk and to a person they agreed that Champions 6E is the game they liked best!!! I was shocked figuring that it would be MnM3E, but they said they didn't like the combat system in MnM3e and that the game system felt to vanilla or plain to them.

I am overjoyed, honestly. This is the third time I have tried Champions in the club over the last 16 years or so and this group handled it the best. So for now, Impact, Tempest, Waraxe, Victrix, Psion and Shockwave are working to keep Victoria City safe!

Now this week I will be looking at putting Nathan and Connor's characters together and trying this with them!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last but not least...

Well for those that don't know me, I started playing Champions in 1982 and it was really the third system I learned. First of course being the grand daddy and second being Runequest. Top Secret was next I do believe but I digress.

With the AGC group I have been doing a supers theme and really it has been going quite well, the kids love their characters and are really getting into it BUT what we are having a hard time with is the system of choice. We started with VnV and that went pretty well though they felt that combat could have gone smoother...and that character generation seemed way off for their more modern likes! Next we transformed their characters into MnM3e and that again was good the characters held up and worked quite well...things they didn't like was combat and there was something that they agreed was missing something spicy...now I'm not sure exactly what was missing but today I bring out their characters converted to Champions 6E!

This should be interesting just because the core mechanic of this game has not changed and heck I can ignore what I want like any good GM! We'll see how things play out today and I'll let you all know how it goes!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

The kids yesterday continued in their quest to retrieve the Chalice of Freya from the Black Wolf clan of Orcs. In the last session they defeated the entry guards and moved in using stealth and an awesome tracking roll by the Dwarf Garran they later surprised three orcs playing cards, and in typical orc fashion one of them killed another (a fumble roll). Now continuing on the group was attacked by a well trained Giant Weasel! They managed to kill it and it's handler BUT the Elf Tammathiel was seriously wounded...Garran was able to heal him BUT at the cost of a lot of his healing energy. Finding a secret door they were working on opening it when a Bugbear attacked them wounding Kayle, but Tammathiel made short work of the Bugbear.

Finally a boss room! The group attacked a room with four orc lieutenants a sub-chief and a shaman...the fight was blood and long, the party won in the end but the party was left with only Kayle and Ronnoc standing. The shaman had escaped! The chalice was not present...now we next meet in two weeks.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ah...the other pairing, now this is Topaz to your left and of course Rhas al Ghul to your right.

We are still working our way through this one but we know this, Onyx is immortal with out the Lazarus Pit. Onyx is their son and his father has not done much to be a part of his life...and that is just fine with his mother of course and his two aunts.

Onyx is well traveled, he has lived in some very distant places and is slow to anger but wields great magical power. Having spent time with Dr. Fates and Strange he is known in the magical circles.

More later as we really haven't developed this one as much as the other...

My son Connor has decided that it would be cool if these two would be the parents of his hero character.

You see I told them about a game I played in, in college where you had to have at least one super powered parent. Well we had a blast and since Justice by Tim B is a product of this idea so now is Nightstrike!

Kane Natchios is trained in many different kinds of martial arts thanks to his mother and father...though they were never married he spent time with both of them. We are still working on how they met BUT that should be fun. Nightstrike has recently moved to Victoria City after spending some time in Japan, he is looking up an old childhood friend...more on Nathan's character later. Kane is not actively sought by the Hand, yet but that might change as he makes a name for himself if he chooses to be a hero, (duh!) in his new home.

Kane is operating as a Security Consultant/Bodyguard...this has set up written all over it! Looking forward to doing something with this real soon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Victoria City Knights #1

Last week we started a new game with the AGC kids, a game set in Victoria City which replaced Seattle in my world. I only had four kids there instead of six and one of them had not created a character yet, the first session went really well, this week we finished up Issue #1 and it could have gone smoother BUT it did go well. We had the debut of Tempest, Psion and Victrix. Tempest is a weather controller, Psion is a Psylocke clone and Victrix is a beautiful BRICK. Psion really showed well in the typical bank robbery, Tempest stayed in the background and never assumed her identity and Victrix came in at the end and really missed most of the action.

Now I used VnV last time, this time I used MnM 3e and things moved pretty well...next week I am going to use a different game and then decide which should be our game system of choice. All in all the story is going along well and the kids are having a blast with their characters! I am enjoying building Victoria City...it has been fun so far!