Friday, November 26, 2010

DnD Essentials Parts 2 and 3

The boys today were joined by their uncle and the same friend, this time they had a Slayer, Warpriest, Rogue and a Mage so all four of the basics were covered. The Slayer got stuck out of combat for a bit but was able to join in before all the bad guys fled...or were dead.

The kids (age 10 all) are doing really well it's fun to watch them start remembering the rules and their characters, I really love doing this with them it's a blast!

Next time we wrap up Chapter one!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Encounters: Keep on the Borderlands

Well, had a blast last Friday with the boys and one of their friends as we did Chapter1-1 of the Borderlands Encounters.

We have a rogue, a cleric and a fighter and I didn't change a thing in the encounter...the fighter went down and the cleric was close but it is damn hard to knock down a Dwarvish Cleric! The rogue did rogue stuff and had fun.

The boys faces as they got the last of the bad guys was great, they wanted treasure but that has to wait until later this week... :)

All in all it was fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Been a bit...

Ok...where to start...

Football is done and I have hung up the whistle at the high school. I am going to help coach my sons in the fall but that is a whole different story. This new found free time allows me to get back to my first true love....Gaming!!

I have picked up the DnD essentials line and have started teaching my kids AND some of their friends, and it has been a blast. I wish that damn Nentir Vale book would be out sooner...but I think I have enough tricks up my sleeve to keep them busy.

I am working on something else I have to say I'm pretty stoked up about it but more on that later...need to get some ibuprofen in me...this cold has done a number on my knees.