Saturday, January 4, 2014

Star Frontiers

I had the pleasure of having (7) young people at my table today and we rocked back to the eighties by playing some good ole' Star Frontiers...

Now I don't mind the boxed campaign setting BUT come on this is Sci-Fi and supposed to be a little more modern so I used my own setting which is a cross between Aliens and the Honor Harrington novels!  We had a mentalist and then some pilots/soldiers and agents.

The kids loved it!  I started them out with a briefing for one mission and then switched their mission while they were in cryosleep!!   Synthetics that had gone bad at a secret medical lab...what a blast.  In two weeks we continue and they all want to continue playing.

We will finish up this op and then I have to go and rob some more from my old Top Secret days looks like!  I have a few ideas and they also asked for me to draw my star map...oh boy off to find my notes!


  1. Cool! Sounds like Loads of fun!
    I see you bounce from Sci Fi gaming system to Sci Fi system just like I do! LOL

  2. Oh and darn you! Now you've got me digging out my Star Frontiers book! LOL

  3. Awesome! I didn't know that was what you all played. I'll have ask Liam how it was. I did love Star Frontiers back in the day.

  4. are more than welcome, usually it is you that makes be bounce between games!!

  5. Tim, not sure what he thought but boy did the rest of the kids love it. I think sometimes with other genres he gets lost....which really is too bad. Once you push him he begins to get it!