Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Buffy RPG: Crescent City CA

Tomorrow I will be starting my attempt at a Buffy RPG game for the kids.  One of the kids had asked for a horror game and I feel that this will be a pretty good compromise.  I am using the Buffy/Angel/Ghosts of Albion rules.

I know that we will have a 19yo witch, a 16 yo paint ball hunter, a 14 yo Faerie Elf being raised by his "aunt", a 17 yo jock, a 16 yo wolf totem and the last one...I'm not sure.

I have my premise and I think we could have some fun with this one!  We are on a Pathfinder hiatus right now but I think in the spring we will start our Pathfinder game back up again!

Back to my notes....

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