Friday, January 4, 2013

Buffy After Action Report...

Hmmm....first everyone appeared to have fun but I have a feeling that some didn't "really" have fun.  Something in the body of language of one of the kids just tells me he didn't.  He was playing one of the Totem Creatures and though I think he liked that BUT I don't think he did.

Now what that means is that we have tried two games recently that just haven't gone well...Marvel Heroic and now Buffy.  Marvel Heroic I know was a bomb, the kids got the system but just didn't like the game, they preferred MnM 3e.

Now I am planning on going forward with Pathfinder in the Spring so that leaves me with some time to fill...I need to figure out what I can do with the kids from now until...March.  I have one player who HATES scifi and that really is too bad because the rest of the kids like it and they are desperate for a horror game as well...

Back to the drawing board...can someone get me a lightsaber and blaster please!

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