Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swords and Wizardry

I have been looking at DnD next and I like the direction it is heading, not sold yet but as I have posted elsewhere...I like the smell a lot better than now then I did a year ago.  I digress....

Swords and Wizardry White box...I ordered this two years ago and I have played it and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed myself.  I had forgotten how "simple" things were meant to be and how much fun "simple" could be.  I started re-reading the rules and I may have to run a throwback game somewhere just for snicks and grins but we shall see.

On a side note I am excited to hear that Delving Deeper is going to be hitting my mailbox soon, it has been over 18months and I know that John and BHP have had issues so I am not upset about the wait, I am EXCITED to hear that it will be coming in the next two weeks though.

Ok enough for now I have to get back to paying bills!

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