Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Northlands Shift....

I have the pleasure of having a few groups to game with...I have my oldest group which is the group that I sponsor at the high school where I work.  I have been doing that for over 20 years and have seen well over 100 kids come through the groups, I have my kids group which are my sons and three of their friends and I have my adult group.

Now the HS group only meets once a week for about 90 minutes and we get stuff done BUT not a lot and once or twice a year I will give them on Saturday for 8 hours....my kids group meets once a week on Saturdays for three hours a day.  There is some flexibility there and we have played a lot of different games and systems.  My adult group meets about once a month for 8-9 hours a meeting, sometimes we can get a twice a month meet in there but that is a rarity.  We are going to be finishing up our Pathfinder/Dragonlance game here in the next few months and I am going to be going back behind the shield again...something that I miss.  Now don't get me wrong I like playing but I find my mind wanders a lot as a player and while it is easy to stay with what is happening in the game I am used to being the GM and wanting to stay ahead of the group.

Well I have been trying to find the next game I want to run this next session, most likely to last a year or more and I think I am going to give Shadowrun a chance.  I have flirted with this game like a high school boy flirts with the new girl in school.  I have had all the different editions at one point or another and this last edition (anniversary) seems to have boiled it down nicely.  I might let the kids group look at this down the road for a one shot or a holiday session but not a regular game.  I was speaking to some of the player's in the group about it and one is really excited and another has always wanted to try this so....off we go.

I will be looking at this for now in my free time, I have spent a lot of time gathering what I need now it's time to start making notes and moving forward.

Cya Chummer!

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  1. I played in one Shadowrun Campaign years ago it was fun, but never had the opportunity to do it again.