Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have found again and I have to say that the ease of this game was lost on me as a teen.  Now taking a look and really getting into it with an open really is pretty darn good!

I am going to spring this upon my three kids and test it out and see how it looks, I think they will enjoy it...I am going to change how skills are initially bought AND I am changing the whole piloting thing as well.

I have gone as far as ordering the Alpha Dawn book from LuLu...I will share when it gets in my thoughts on it...


  1. SF was my second sci-fi game after Traveller. I played a lot more of it than Traveller, but have not touched it in years. I might have to see if I still have K'xxxt my Vrusk scientist still around somewhere.

  2. That is an awesome picture.
    Darn you now you've got me digging out my Star Frontiers books! LOL

  3. Anything I can do to help!

    If anyone can find some of the other adventures besides the Volturnus stuff that would be great. I know I misspelled it but you know what I mean!

    BB take a look at the re-mastered stuff it is really well done as is the magazine they have done called Starfrontiersman.