Monday, May 14, 2012

We really like...

I have now heard at least a dozen times in the last two days how much my sons like Castles and Crusades.  I have asked why and I was told that it is fun, easy and not as big as Pathfinder!  I am proud that both boys have spent time reading the PHB wanting to know more about certain aspects of the game, and asking why about a variety of subjects.  My one son asked last night if the game was "old" or "new"...I said it was less than ten years old..."wow that's old" was his comment.  Now he is twelve and I referenced that and he reconsidered..."I guess it's not THAT old."

I am digging out some good old 2e DnD stuff and it seems that those things transfer pretty easy but so does 1e.  I have the new Tome of Horrors and that is something that will be making an appearance at the table soon...not yet but soon.

My sons have gotten into the little farming community that I have put them in, they wanted to know names and ages of the people there and one of the other young players wanted to know if he could test the locals to see if there was anyone with any magical talent....he himself is first level!!  I have to say that this little gem is giving me hours and oodles of paper to hold onto.

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  1. Its also forward compatible. In a few of my games I added a few feats. Not as fast of a progression as 3E though.