Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The trial of Wraith

A session ago Wraith our resident thief contacted her guild about getting a cart to use in a little action she was planning.  Her contact made arrangements for a meet and both Kessin and Wraith were to come alone...they did not.  Kessin brought the cart and a horse, after money was exchanged he started to unhook the horse, Wraith confronted him, he explained you wanted a cart, I brought the horse to bring the cart....if you want the horse it will cost you more money.

Now a fight began and when it was done Kessin was dead and his back up fled into the woods outside the town of Hartford.  Days went buy and Wraith had not returned to Hartford...but finally she did.  Her party tried to tell her no BUT they all slept in the common room, when they awoke in the morning Wraith was gone...

The trial from the guild has started....

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