Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dragonlance/Pathfinder continues....

This weekend we continue our Pathfinder/Dragonlance game that we started last June/July, I have had the reins for almost five months now and will be handing them back over NEXT month to the other GM.  The average party level is now 6th and we are climbing rapidly to 7th.

I am excited because this game is going to be more character driven and have more to do with investigations then hacking and slashing...though there will be some of that as well.  I have downloaded the PFR app to my Ipad and now have all the books there...no images but that is not what I need.

We have the group in Kalaman and they are coming to grips with just releasing two bad bad people back into the world...an Ogre Mage and a Lich....the Lich will appear in the next series sometime next year...the Ogre Mage might be sooner. ;)

Pathfinder versus Castles and Crusades...this will be an adjustment... :)

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