Friday, May 25, 2012


Ok it was neat seeing my name in the front of the book as a play tester from feedback given at GaryCon a few years ago...

I really do like the interior art, to me it really invokes that late 70's very early 80's feel.  What I don't like are the funky dice...I have found over the years that games that require the purchase of another $30 in dice just aren't gonna make it.  I know that there are ways to get around it but why even print/write it this way, I played it back then without the dice and it was fine, heck I was excited about it with this no.

I will eventually pick it up but it will be at an auction or discounted somewhere...maybe.  The price tag for the size of the book isn't bad and the art is very interesting, but the mechanics for spells just don't leave me excited.  I know what they were trying for having talked to John Goodman about the game for a bit of time back then but I really think the mark was missed.  IT will appeal to some but I don't believe it will be enough to keep the line going....heck I hope I'm wrong.

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