Sunday, April 22, 2012


The fight that the younger kids had yesterday was a real memorable one, as far as I was concerned.  There were 11 brigands on foot and one mounted, there were three player characters and three npc farmers.  The fight started with the PC's concealed and the farmers confronting the brigands....well after the first round of fighting one farmer was very dead and one was knocked to zero.  After two rounds the other farmer was down and out of the fight and the brigands were getting ready to pillage the farm, enter the player's.  It took 10 rounds but the PC's were on the winning side and only one of them was down and out, the other two had fought down to one hitpoint AND then the other two player characters had arrived from town.

The turning point of the conflict was when the Gladiator character, Alexius stood his ground and finished off five of the really was a great fight and his armor saved him from certain doom.  The other two PC's did a nice job but Alexius standing out in the open not running and not worrying about his outcome left an impression on the brigand lieutenant who managed to get away...

Now they have found out that the "Stag Lord" is the leader of the brigands and that he lives in the deepest part of the woods...will they go after him or do some scouting to see what else they can week will give us some more answers.  Next week will also be the beginning of us leaving the ACKS system and moving towards Castles and Crusades.  This was the player's decision and I am excited to see what THEY think about the differences...they have seen their characters and they all really were excited about the differences.

Ok enough for now...

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