Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now for something totally different...

We ended last weeks session with our ACKS characters and everyone seemed happy, and then I showed them their characters in Castles and Crusades terms and they agreed to "try" this.  Now my sons have played CnC before and kind of know what to expect, I believe this will be different for the others...but really not that different as they have played Pathfinder and d20 3.x.

The game will move on...I will post more later....


  1. I've really become a big fan of C&C. I think its a great choice. Although I have not tried ACKS yet.

    There is a number of ways to integrate little bits (only the parts you like) of D20 3.x. In one of my games we use a few feats. And skills as proficiencies.

    While in another game was play C&C by the book. (well mostly)

  2. Ronin! That is great, I am not going to use the skills and feat preferring to go with more of the rules as written. I have some house rules that I could implement but I wanna see how this holds up RAW.

    Would love to hear more if you have time though!