Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mapping Continued

I had some time so I hand drew a map, the map is 96 x 72 miles and consists of 20 villages and hamlets and two larger size towns.  There is a very large forest and four smaller ones, two rivers and a larger lake, there is also some hills no mountains on this portion of the map.  THIS is going to be what I use for the younger kids group from now on.  There is plenty for them to explore here and do.  I have some ideas on keying the locations to "encounter levels" so they don't get too far over their heads but we'll see, right now I'm excited about the look of it and where I can go with it.

On another note I got over 10 hours of sleep last night and feel better than I have in two weeks!!

Back to the drawing board sometime today....

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