Friday, April 6, 2012

Characters from the past...

I have been playing and running games since 1980 and I have had many different types of characters in my games but lately I find myself thinking about the ones that have stood out over the years.

Ternoc Rivenshal:  Half-Elf Ranger who was played for a very long time in my 2nd edition DnD game.  Ternoc was more focused as a bowman and the player who played him did a very nice job being the party leader, more times than not.

Kestra of Horath:  Same player that played Ternoc had played Kestra a Human female Cleric.  She was quite strong and not as open minded as was  very nice change of pace for the player.  Kestra was brought back by me for another player who I thought would play her quite well and she did, this time as a Paladin...the differences were not much even though the player's never met.

Tal of Newporte:  Played in my Runequest/Stormbringer game but could easily translate into a Cleric in DnD terms.  Tal was a hero by choice and that character has the distinction of being played the longest in any of my games.  Tal did the right thing many times even though it was not in his best interest, the player again really did a nice job here and I enjoy thinking about the trials and tribulations I put him through.

Rudrick Greyshadow:  Rudrick was a right bastard of a character and the player logged many sessions alongside Ternoc.  Rudrick was a fighter/thief combination and the player did a nice job playing him as a bit of a ruthless bastard!  The last name has been used two times for different characters in my games but neither have lived up to the first name holder.

Brendan Kestrelshar:  An Elvish Fighter/Mage...Brendan was played for a short time but the player did a nice job capturing the essence of the character.  This character was an elf out of time, he had been frozen in time for centuries only to be discovered by the group and rescued.

Madryk of Clan Ironhand:  This character was also played for a short time but the player really got into the character and made him stand out.  The player was a great note taker and never failed to amaze me at what he remembered.  This led to a second title, Keeper of Secrets and this was another fun character to see played to it's fullest.  The Clan name has been re-used once...

Krom...the Assassin:  Krom was Tal's friend and nemesis and I can't say enough about Krom or the player...I have talked about him in the past...

Valshea:  The one and only character my wife has played over the years...on hiatus right now but this Elven woman was much like my wife...strong willed and didn't understand the word no.  Her foes found out many times she was made of the strongest wood from the forest.

Celebsarn:  An Elvish Paladin from my college years, played for almost two years but played very well.  The character was originally female...until a certain girdle was found that changed all that...she/he became a very noble warrior in the cause of good.

Rafian:  I mention Rafian a Dark Elf Ranger only because the player who plays the character has played it in just about any fantasy type game I have run, under one name or another.  Those that have shared the same table with him laugh at the other names and just start calling the character Rafian!

I think that is it for now but I will be adding to this down the road...I know that I don't have any single class mages that stand out in my mind...though I do have one or two npc's that might fit...

Ciao for now!

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  1. Rafian. Ah Rafian. Even I have stories of that dude.
    Regardless what his name happens to be.