Saturday, April 14, 2012

Call of Cthulhu cont'd....

This is set in the more conventional 1920's - 1930's London and it is for Trail of Cthulhu but it is a great resource.  in Trail of Cthulhu is a good game as well and it has some nice features over CoC but I will get into that in another posting.

Bookhounds gives you some great resource and background material for chasing down books that might be needed for your fact it turns the idea of finding a book into a whole hook itself.  THE best part though in my opinion are the blown up maps in the back of the book of London, yea you could probably find them on the net now but to actually be able to look at and hold them just felt better.

The different types of book shops that are detailed are not overdone and making one the home base for your investigators is something that I thought would need to be done...a very good book for a very good variation of the CoC game!  ((Trail of Cthulhu offers a conversion table for CoC so it wouldn't be hard to use these together at all!))

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