Saturday, March 17, 2012

The party decided to leave the area near Stonehell for it was way too dangerous for them at this time...instead they returned to Rosehill and rested.  Finally they struck a friendship up with Avery the innkeeper and he was able to share that some brigands had been attacking some outlying farms and they even began to get bold and attack a merchant.  The merchant Martin they later met and have entered into a contract to return a box that was stolen from him....but don't open it.

At the farm three of the party waited mixing in with the farm family led by Holdan, they were present when the brigands showed up...this time asking for tribute in the form of gold and silver.  This should be a fun little battle, we have six brigands and the three party members...

We are off for two weeks but I am hoping to introduce the idea of henchman to the group and we have one of the player's changing to on of his other Explorer, this is the human ACKS version of a Ranger.  I'm gonna push that they keep the fighter on as a henchman...but we'll see.

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