Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Rules

Ok I've been going back to some of the old school goodness that I have...Holmes being first followed by Moldvay and Mentzer...and I have come up with some house rules that I am going to try...

1) Dual wielding will be used as is from the ACKS book: +1 to hit.
2) If you roll a one in combat, that opponent you were attacking receives a "free" swing at you.
3) Shield wielders can sacrifice their shield to negate an the case of a magical shield +1 it would lose the +1 and just be a shield still.

I am leaving the damage dice for weapons alone right now in ACKS but part of me is screaming to adjust it...for now I will wait!


  1. I found ACKS' +1 for two-weapon fighting to be quite elegant, but I'm not familiar with B/X or BECMI properly; how did they handle it?

  2. I have been using JB's Blackrazor's rules from his companion book...

    Roll damage for both weapons but CHOOSE the higher roll.

  3. Hmm, OK. Also quick and simple, and not as overwhelmingly good as later editions' "Make multiple attacks" mechanic.

  4. I have someone who always dual wields and he is not going to be happy about just a +1 to his eyes. Might be playing with this rule for a bit..