Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healing house rules...

((This was taken for Beyond the Black Gate word for word!  Apologies to BBG for not saying that earlier, in my original cut the writing turned white and when I corrected it did not come through!))

Non-magical Healing Potions and Poultices:

Another good way to supplement the Cleric-free party is to make available some simple herbal or medicinal remedies. Some examples might include:

Poultice of Healing (50gp): This is a creamy, salve-like poultice that is applied directly to a wound. It heals 3-6(1d4+2) points of damage and prevents scarring. Such a poultice is only effective on an individual once every 24 hours. A second application is only half as effective (round fractions down), and further applications have no effect whatsoever, until 24 hours has passed.

Anti-Venom, Weak(25gp): Imbibing this fluid within one round of poisoning allows the poisoned victim an immediate second saving throw against that poison.

Anti-Venom, Strong(200gp): Imbibing this fluid within one round allows the victim an immediate saving throw at +4.

Cleansing Remedy(100gp): Imbibing this foul herbal concoction within 24 hours of contraction of a disease thoroughly and noisily flushes out the victim's system (which may be inconvenient in certain circumstances), giving them an immediate saving throw against the disease with a +2 bonus.

Veritus Charm(500gp): This holy charm, if worn openly around the neck, allows the target of level draining attacks (that wouldn't normally allow a save) a saving throw at -2 against level drain.


  1. Come, friend, at least link Beyond the Black Gate and give credit where credit's due; besides, some of the other stuff in that article was quite good.

  2. Dude,

    I thought I had done that...I had that credited in the beginning seriously!

    I wouldn't just cut and paste and not do that...

  3. I had hoped it was an oversight, since you seem a decent sort; sorry if I came off a bit accusatory :\.

    But yeah, low-level ACKS without a cleric looks like it could be quite dangerous; the healing proficiency looks to be effective mostly at reducing mortal wound type, especially if you haven't taken it three times. So these are probably good things to have...