Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Continuing with ACKS

Continuing about classes...we have the Assassin, Bard, Bladedancer and Explorer.  We have a Dwarven Vaultguard, Dwarven Craftpriest, Elven Spellsword and Elven Nightblade.  There is more than enough to make this work with your group, healing at the beginning is an issue as these rules follow the no spells for the divine casters.  The Proficiency of Healing can off-set that a bit but it is still a very dangerous environment.

As a GM I am enjoying the simplicity of it all and have become a backer of the player's companion and I am thrilled with the additional material I have seen coming out of for this.  IF you like OS gaming then this is for you...lot's of fun here and I don't have to invest a whole lot here...I have so much OS material that I am set for now!


  1. I am enjoying ACKS as well.

    Love to get a game going when the Player's Companion hits the streets.

  2. There is enough material out now to the backers for that to run...

    July is a long way off, though I know that backers might be able to get something at GaryConIV.