Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well I was asked about this game from one of the kids at school in the club...and after I was done with my five minute description she was hooked! I asked if she was sure and she is so now she is convincing the other's so now I wait and see what they want....

I've played this at cons only twice....once savaged the other the classic rules and I am looking forward to doing something with this system. I have to agree with Tim about the magic system BUT it's not horrible in my mind and it is simple. I am finally beginning to wrap my head again around the rules and I have run a couple of single player combats and I can see the fun in this game, like the tagline from the game goes, FAST, FURIOUS and FUN!

I will need to make some characters for both systems and be ready to run ASAP...should be interesting!

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