Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The second session for the AGC is today, this is the group made up of the high school kids...we have our sixth joining today, enter the Wizard Kyra. This will round out the group and hopefully we can get past one more room today...

The kids group went real well, everyone worked together very well and the kids, ages 12,11,11,11,11 and 8, really got into it and were asking for more when time ran out. This weekend we will continue and maybe on day during the break we can all get together.

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  1. The party actually surprised the Goblins and the Goblin King who were arguing on the best way to roast Kyra, the new wizard of the group. The battle was pretty quick thanks to Aiden the fighter and the druid Myrrashawn, who got the final blow on the Goblin King before he had a chance to bargain...

    The party thought about tackling the 20' high cliff that was in the room and the Halfling thief was surprised by the skeletons...next time we start there. :)