Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Basic DnD game is taking real shape now, we have the Villages of Oakford, Millford and Rosehill. The town of Rivers Edge, the Bleak Tower (used to be Black Tower), Dur Dollem the dwarvish home, and Mythshanal the Elvish home all in the area! I am thrilled with how things are developing and I cannot wait to spring this on the kids in the fall!!! I need to come up with a name and right now I am not coming up with anything but I will!


  1. Details!

    Are you going to run this with your kids at home too?

  2. LOL! We started on my birthday they traveled to some caves and scared off an ogre it was funny!!

    The home village will be Rose Hill, I have a nice little map of the village, and of the surrounding area...a little sandbox adventure here we come!!