Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On this fine summer morning I am hope with all three boys and I am going through my gaming boxes in the garage...there are going to be some happy people at Half-Priced Books today!

I am working on a Basic/LL/SnW campaign for the fall for the AGC kids...but that is going on in my head as I clean...and clean and clean!


  1. OOO!

    Selling anything I might want?
    I can give you better deals!

  2. No not really, this was the RIFTS, SHADOWRUN blowout...and it is only half done. I took two containers over and still have two to get over there....just too damn hot right now.

  3. My first and second edition dnd stuff is still safe! :)

    I keep my eyes open for a Manual of the Plans 3e for ya but so far no luck!

  4. np!

    If you have an extra ShadowRun core let me know.