Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The party of big Kids from the Northlands Gaming Group have picked back up and are in the middle of the AP from Paizo, Bastards of Erebus. They are in the final leg of the adventure assaulting the lair of the Bastards, and so far things are actually going well. We had to pause to halt the session and will pick up in July...this is going to be very interesting for me as now the real fun begins....

The pic above was my first introduction to Tieflings from 2e and I must say that the pic is one I like better than what passes for Tieflings now...just thought I should share!


  1. If the tieflings looked like that now I think we would be less likely to want to kill them!

  2. As a teenage boy, this sold me on how cool Planescape was. ;)