Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well May is going out with a lot of thunder and lightning...On the gaming front though it has been quiet, the kids group at school is done for the year AND the kids group has been on hiatus since football started and now has ended.

Online we started our Cthonian Stars game and that is moving as most pbp games move...slowly. The Northlands gaming group meets on June 12th and this is going to be a very interesting session.

We will be wrapping up a plot point, one that Tim knows well...we will be advancing the story farther as well. The heroes of Westcrown will need to face a very determined adversary before moving forward though. This battle could be very very deadly for our party and mistakes on their part could cost them...I am ready for the moans of the npc's are being played smarter than they should be...well not this time, this group is smart and very very deadly! Good luck boyo's!

Speaking of the Adventure Games Club at the high school, I think I just need to throw caution to the wind and have them play in a good old dungeon crawl...I just have to decide which system to use...

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