Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday's AGC (High School Age Kids)

The AGC took me for a loop this week, they actually requested NOT to play Dragon Age but to play Castles and Crusades...what could I say...but yes!

Using resources I already had I came up with a nice little mystery dungeon crawl, involving an abandoned outpost at the edge of the Black March. The group, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, Rogue and Bard began at the broken gate to the outpost. Finally going inside they took a look around the covered courtyard and the many doors and decided that climbing the ladders to the roof would be best. Two broken ladders later they were on the roof of the outpost and discovered a trap door. Opening the door they discovered a wolf at the bottom of the ladder leading down off the roof into what was once a stables. Getting a closer look they realized that there were two wolves and they looked cared this point the wizard chooses to descend...that was the last mistake the wizard made, the wolves tore her apart.

The party then decided to snipe the wolves and in the process managed to snap one bow string AND the bard dropped his bow down, where one of the wolves grabbed it and made kindling out of it!! They both rolled ones and then rolled again to confirm the fumbles....OUCH!

Finally the wolves were dispatched and that ended our session for the day....though they did descend into the stables and found the skeletal remains of a few others and a pouch with 20 silver.

Next week we will continue with a new character for the wizard....

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