Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Time

Now that is no where near my house BUT it does reflect my mood, Spring is in the air!! Work has picked up, so my free time has waned, I've had to scuttle one pbp game and I need to pay some serious attention to another before it is in full code!

Lot's of work to do around the house and for once this Spring I really don't mind...I know that I've got some good table top time coming. The kids are continuing on with their adventures chasing the Chalice of Freya...though it's not where the modules says, I just took the idea!

The adults were at a decision point and now they are on a different Adventure Path! The fun is just beginning and a rescue has to happen here soon!

I need to remember to post more here...I've been looking at the Gumshoe system, and the Dragon Age system as of late. This is what I do to keep from being bored! Gumshoe has some really nice qualities to it, and Dragon Age is looking like it could be fun as well...I broke down and bought the game for the 360, I will need to see. There is some really good free source material out there, my favorite is the adaption of Mystara to the AGE system!! FUN!!!!

Ok now the boys are in football for a spring league and of course I'm coaching...this is just a two hand touch league's still football!

See ya'll later!

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