Sunday, April 17, 2011

The end of the third quarter brought the end of the hero portion of this years we start the fourth quarter with Dragon Age. I thought we were going to do Call of Cthulhu but the kids just couldn't get a concept together for characters.

So we now explore the dark times of the Dragon Age...the system itself is very simple and we will be starting our first session with some combat...should be pretty simple and then we will get into the story. I am modifying the little adventure that came with the rules, it's fine BUT I think it needs some help, I think that some of the encounters need attention and it feels very much like a railroad adventure. I understand why and don't fault the writer or Green Ronin, but I can do something more with it.

I will post more later...

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  1. I ran DA for a while. Its a very fun system.
    Wish the second set would come out already. I created a lot of my own material for it waiting. lol