Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Victoria City Knights #1

Last week we started a new game with the AGC kids, a game set in Victoria City which replaced Seattle in my world. I only had four kids there instead of six and one of them had not created a character yet, the first session went really well, this week we finished up Issue #1 and it could have gone smoother BUT it did go well. We had the debut of Tempest, Psion and Victrix. Tempest is a weather controller, Psion is a Psylocke clone and Victrix is a beautiful BRICK. Psion really showed well in the typical bank robbery, Tempest stayed in the background and never assumed her identity and Victrix came in at the end and really missed most of the action.

Now I used VnV last time, this time I used MnM 3e and things moved pretty week I am going to use a different game and then decide which should be our game system of choice. All in all the story is going along well and the kids are having a blast with their characters! I am enjoying building Victoria has been fun so far!

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