Friday, March 4, 2011

My son Connor has decided that it would be cool if these two would be the parents of his hero character.

You see I told them about a game I played in, in college where you had to have at least one super powered parent. Well we had a blast and since Justice by Tim B is a product of this idea so now is Nightstrike!

Kane Natchios is trained in many different kinds of martial arts thanks to his mother and father...though they were never married he spent time with both of them. We are still working on how they met BUT that should be fun. Nightstrike has recently moved to Victoria City after spending some time in Japan, he is looking up an old childhood friend...more on Nathan's character later. Kane is not actively sought by the Hand, yet but that might change as he makes a name for himself if he chooses to be a hero, (duh!) in his new home.

Kane is operating as a Security Consultant/Bodyguard...this has set up written all over it! Looking forward to doing something with this real soon.


  1. Sweet. I'd love to hear the story of how these two hooked up.

  2. Colonel Slade Wilson volunteered for the Weapon Plus program while he was in the last years of his tenure in the military. The procedures that were used on Wolverine and Sabertooth were used on the Slade. The results were that he now could use 90% of his brain, and his training in combat and weaponry were top notch. ((I am getting rid of Deadpool in my world as now Deathstroke fits into that category.))

    I.O. or International Operations a branch of the CIA took great interest in the Weapon X results and Deathstroke was put in charge of one of their overseas teams. During an operation in the Pacific his team was found to be expendable and they were thought to have all been killed. Slade was rescued by a man only known as Stick, and his group called The Chaste. The Chaste battled a group of mystic Ninja's known as the Hand. Slade joined them for a time eventually meeting a young girl named Elektra that Stick was beginning to train. Slade eventually left The Chaste and returned to the States. Along the way Slade used his skills and became a mercenary, eventually coming to New York and working for the Kingpin as a bodyguard and security consultant. A few years later Slade spoiled an attempt on the Kingpins life by none other than Elektra. The two fought for hours all along the streets of New York finally exhausted a kiss was shared and a night of surrender for each other. Elektra left the next morning and told Slade that she would indeed kill the Kingpin...Slade quit that day...

    ((Well that's my beginning anyways...))