Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last but not least...

Well for those that don't know me, I started playing Champions in 1982 and it was really the third system I learned. First of course being the grand daddy and second being Runequest. Top Secret was next I do believe but I digress.

With the AGC group I have been doing a supers theme and really it has been going quite well, the kids love their characters and are really getting into it BUT what we are having a hard time with is the system of choice. We started with VnV and that went pretty well though they felt that combat could have gone smoother...and that character generation seemed way off for their more modern likes! Next we transformed their characters into MnM3e and that again was good the characters held up and worked quite well...things they didn't like was combat and there was something that they agreed was missing something spicy...now I'm not sure exactly what was missing but today I bring out their characters converted to Champions 6E!

This should be interesting just because the core mechanic of this game has not changed and heck I can ignore what I want like any good GM! We'll see how things play out today and I'll let you all know how it goes!


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