Sunday, March 6, 2011

The kids yesterday continued in their quest to retrieve the Chalice of Freya from the Black Wolf clan of Orcs. In the last session they defeated the entry guards and moved in using stealth and an awesome tracking roll by the Dwarf Garran they later surprised three orcs playing cards, and in typical orc fashion one of them killed another (a fumble roll). Now continuing on the group was attacked by a well trained Giant Weasel! They managed to kill it and it's handler BUT the Elf Tammathiel was seriously wounded...Garran was able to heal him BUT at the cost of a lot of his healing energy. Finding a secret door they were working on opening it when a Bugbear attacked them wounding Kayle, but Tammathiel made short work of the Bugbear.

Finally a boss room! The group attacked a room with four orc lieutenants a sub-chief and a shaman...the fight was blood and long, the party won in the end but the party was left with only Kayle and Ronnoc standing. The shaman had escaped! The chalice was not we next meet in two weeks.

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