Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being sick makes the mind wander...

I have been sick since Monday morning and I've had time to reminisce about this game from so long ago.

I remember playing this game at Kurt L's house, he is now a Lutheran Minister, and we would play for hours, heck over winter break I remember playing for days! My best friend was Todd and he played The Bowman, yes a Green Arrow/Hawkeye rip off. I was playing Sparrow a shape changing American Indian. We battled many villains and eventually Kurt was running and then I was running games, we kept track of the number of issues we had and of course other heroes made their debut. We had crossovers and limited series issues...we had a great time for about two years and then Kurt graduated a year ahead of us and the Champions game kind of slowed to a halt. I continued it a bit in college but by then DC Heroes had come out and I was interested in that and left Champions behind.

Years later the Best Man from my wedding took up the mantle and began running Champions again, this saw once again someone else running story lines and I ran some story lines but the other players just didn't seem to enjoy it as much! I've used those characters from both era's here and there and now with a renewed vigor I intend to run some games for my kids and for the kids in the AGC and maybe just maybe I can convince are adult group to give it a try...



  1. My fist supers games used champions too. Good times.

  2. Would love to hear about that Ronin78!

  3. I told each player to make unique characters. So of course I got knock offs with the serial numbers filed off. Lets see there was "the badger" a wolverine knock off. "Stop sign" The thing knock off. "spam" a knock off of spawn.

    And the one guy who was unique was a super ninja that could run at the speed of sound. While in a fight with "hell child" my super heated villain he could not make a fear check to save his life. Taking phobia of fire at the highest level is hazardous when you can run that fast.