Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Young Blades

Well it's not really their logo but it got my attention as I was searching for some artwork to represent my sons and their friends that are playing Pathfinder (DnD 3.75). Yesterdays session was a great session in that there was no combat at all! It was a social session with four 10 year olds and a 7 year old...and they had a blast.

They were recovering in the local village of Fairhill, one of their number had become diseased and needed to rest under the care of the party's cleric. The other members decided to explore and learn some more of the town that they have been using as their base of was pretty cool. They have made friends are learning skills that will represent their choices for second level etc...

The session lasted 90 minutes and they couldn't believe that they were done, we are having a follow up session today to reward how well they played. I am very impressed with the roleplaying that is going on and they have scratched the surface now of the larger picture that is coming soon. :)

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