Monday, February 28, 2011

Yesterday we needed to run some errands and the boys and I were going to be in the car while mother actually ran into the various second hand shops and estate sales that we were checking out, so I decided to talk to the boys about their heroes...well the ones they were going to make! Bringing some notebook paper and the DC Adventures book we got cracking on these new heroes!

First we have Connor, he is a robot/android that is looking for his creator (yea sort of like Data from Trek but Connor has not seen that story arc, and he came up with it himself) and fighting crime along the way. He has a strong investigative background and his computer like brain remembers just about everything...except who is creator is and what he was supposed to be doing!

Second Nathan, is an immortal mystic spellcaster who comes from a long family line of spellcasters. He has set himself up in Victoria City as an occult investigator and has met Connor's character and befriended him. Nathan's character knows all about his family and would rather NOT remember who they are...they are not the nicest set of spellcasters in the world. He can trace his family's history back to Atlantis and that may or may not be a cool thing!

Thirdly we have Austin who is a gadgateer and was responsible for repairing and updating a lot of Connor's hardware and software when he was originally found. He has the headquarters that the group uses, it is located underground along the docks in Victoria City and is very very large.

Now we have to come up with names for everybody AND Nathan was speaking about changing his character to something else BUT we shall see...overall it was a good couple of hours and the boys enjoyed talking about it instead of just plugging in and watching a movie!


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