Monday, February 7, 2011


I love Supers, I learned to play DnD, Runequest and then Champions pretty much at the same time! Champions was one of the few games that I found GM's who could run me in games and it was enjoyable!! My high school group and I played a lot of Supers games, we played using VnV, Superhero 2044, Heroes Unlimited and of course Champions, later we played DC Heroes but that was more in college.

I started reading through the PDF of MnM 3 and I have to say that I am impressed with the better explanations. I am going to try my hand at conversions of characters that I have...but I have to say that it will most likely take me a bit.

Now onto the Emerald City...I am going to pick this up just to have the city book, I am also like the Sentinels that they have put out as intro characters. I will be looking at playing in some MnM3 games at GenCon this year!

IF things go well, I might even run one...I have some very interesting adventures from the way back days! ;)


  1. Well you already know I love the new M&M3 and the fact that the new DC Adventures is the same system is just the kind of thing I love.

    I think I do like the new M&M3 more than M&M2. The differences are minor yes, but enough to really make the game work I think.

  2. I am willing to give it a shot at some point, though I really want to use the Sentinels as a testing ground, not home made yet. Princess is a perfect stand in by the way for Justice, just change premed to law and she is done. There are a few other cosmetic changes but really they are very close build wise I would think.