Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lost in the Woods

Today was one of those days that just was wrong on so many levels...I did not sleep well, woke up with a headache and generally just wanted to crawl into a hole and sleep and couldn't. The new dog...Ace needed attention as did the kids and wife and...oh yea today was a gaming day.

I have the story arcs prepped for some time now and that was fine, I just didn't have the fun hat tied on. However the kids were excited and the new format of three hours worked great. We had our new player today and instead of trying to go slowly with him I got him involved in the actions right away...though I think he has forgotten a very important item. ((Hint hint Tim if your reading he needs to take notes during the game.))

The battle against the orcs went as expected, they almost stopped them from getting the chalice out of the temple but alas the orc leader got away and now they are in pursuit!! At the end it was fun and they are in one of the orc caves trying to find the of their number has been "quested" to do this, it was fun. We even had a good old fashioned debate on party treasure split. :)

Next week...I need to set the time, I think 1pm till 4pm will work but I need to get the word out!

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