Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Young Blades for the most part made level, well at least the three that have logged the most time playing have. Garran "Two Axe" Stonecutter, Ronnoc and his companion Tammathel are now second level!

Now this is a big deal because making level in my games tends to be difficult, at best. The challenges that they faced were many from a green slime fungus to a host of orcs to finally a Dark Priest whose patron was Orcus!!

Next Friday will be our next session and they had to flee from the Orcs who the Dark Priest led...the Blades had to get back to their village. The Orcs are in hot pursuit and we will have a very large battle next week in and around the village. Should be fun but I know we won't be finishing this until our first Saturday session on the 26th!

Up Next on the 19th will be the first meeting of the Northlands Gaming Group (the older group). Their character have been told to go to a small town and be their father's representative at the dedication of a church. This church is special because it is where he got his start many many years ago now. That's just the beginning... :)

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