Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alright well we managed to play just a bit of VnV yesterday and I held my breath...the kids in the AGC were not keen on the changes I made to their characters BUT after I explained why they were willing to give it a peek. We had three full characters ready to go:

Impact: A very quick agile martial artist type who likes to mix it up. Akina is the secret ID and she is working her internship at the Victoria City Times as she finishes up college.

Shockwave: The resident blaster/flyer of the group who has sonic abilities, not a scream, just the ability to throw a nice sonic beam. Desire` is her secret ID and she is a Graphic Design Artist working for Emmerson Electronics and by night a DJ.

Waraxe: Our brick of the group who didn't change into his hero ID the whole time he just did normal stuff! Tyson comes from Empire City (New York in our world) and his father died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he was a firefighter. Mom managed well enough and she was able to get him a bit of a scholarship out west in Victoria City. He came out and the airlines destroyed his 'axe, his guitar the one his dad gave him. Bummed he managed to find a beat up six string in a second hand store ;) and this one was magical. He can change into his hero form a Nordic warrior named Waraxe.

The fight was in a park where one of Victoria City's (Seattle in our world) beloved citizens was hosting a talent show, some bad guys (really nothing more than stepped up mooks) tried to kidnap her. The good guys beat them off, but Impact took off as the press arrived leaving Shoackwave and Tyson to get the glory, the final scene of the "comic" was Impact throwing her chopsticks through her sensei's tv!

We continue next week with the addition of three more heroes....and yea the kids had a blast and have been talking about it all morning when they see me.

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