Friday, January 7, 2011


Now I am a very loyal fan of Ghosts of Albion, not a fan of Eden at the moment for a variety of reasons...but I digress.

Over the last two years I have bought this game returned it, bought it again, auctioned it off and finally have bought it again and pledged to keep it. I finally sat down a few weeks ago and started reading it in a quiet place when my house was all asleep and you know what...I really liked it.

I had picked up the GM screen a while back and today I picked up a few of the other books out for it....and I am in a PbP game now and I have to say that while the system might not be my works! I like the fluff of the game and the history and style of the game work for me. The book is a bit cumbersome but once you realize what you have it really does rock. I would like to drag my adult table gamers away and see if we could do something with this...especially when I read all about the Prussians and I fondly think about a certain pyromaniac that we have had in our Ghosts games.



  1. It was the apparent cumbersomeness of the mechanics that put me off buying this, even though I'm a big fan of C7 and would love to play a Victorian era game some day.

  2. You are cheating on me with ANDREW'S BOOK???!!?

    Heh. Well you know my love/hate relationship with Victoriana. It has some really fun fluff.

    Why not just do a Vic game with the Ghosts rules? Not like we can't do that on the fly.

  3. That is a possibility but I kind of want to walk the dog with this set!