Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time has flown by...

Been a bit since an update....

Last Friday we had a new youngster join us for DnD and we had two out with being sick...but in good old school fashion the show went on! The new player picked a thief to play, meaning three in the party BUT after the adventure my son chose to move his character to a Ranger type. Now the good news is they survived their first foray into the ruins of the castle, rescued the prisoners from the orcs and hobgoblins and found some treasure as well! They managed to get back to the village without issue and are deciding if they are going back into the ruins OR try and track where the raiders came from.

We are short a spellcaster so an npc MIGHT have to be arranged for...we shall see.

The high school kids are one session short of finishing the 13th Floor and they didn't have their best showing BUT they moved the plot along and should finish this portion of the adventure this next week, then they have to decide what they want to play next!

Tomorrow is the first official meeting of the Northlands Gaming Group, what I am calling the adult group, I am very stoked about this! We will be dining well on pizza and deciding what we are going to officially start with the next time we get together in February.

Well the car is cold and I need to warm them up so...bye for now and I will continue trying to be better about my blog!

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